Station activation requests for any City of Orlando Venues properties, including Camping World Stadium must be authorized by the event promoter. Please complete the Activation Request Form and submit to the marketing director no later than 10 business days in advance of the show date. Stadium reserves the right to decline requests that disregard any policies. Requests requiring special considerations must be submitted a minimum of three (3) weeks in advance of the show date, no exceptions. 


Set-Up Policies

  • Set-up may commence no earlier than two (2) hours prior to gates opening and staging areas are identified per the station set-up provided approximately 48 hours prior to show date. 
  •  One (1) vehicle and one (1) tent not exceeding 10’ x 10’ dimensions, is considered a standard request. Special requests require promoter authorization within two (2) weeks prior to the show date. 
  •  Must be self-contained. Please do not run electrical cords along walkways and cover and secure all cables/cords to ensure the safety of patrons. 
  • Sound levels must be at a “reasonable level” as deemed by City of Orlando Venues management, as per the City of Orlando noise ordinance. If any station breaches this policy, all stations will be asked to leave the property. 

Live Broadcasts

Notify venue Marketing Manager about station live broadcast. ISDN lines are no longer available and recommend utilizing a hot spot. 


The promoter and City of Orlando Venues must approve all hand-outs and giveaways. Please include the list of items on the activation request form. Stickers (and/or any other items with adhesive) CDs, t-shirts, pens/pencils and other items may not be distributed on any City of Orlando Venues property. 

Third Parties

Third party activation requests must be approved by the promoter for consideration. If approved, radio station must submit request in writing along with written approval by promoter to the City of Orlando Venues Marketing Department a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of show date. 


  • Exterior Banners: banners and/or similar item may not be affixed to the venue and/or buildings and/or surrounding property, unless prior approval has been granted by property owners. Banner and/or poster displays are limited to radio station property only. (ie. van, bus, tent, table etc). Any violation of this policy will result in activation suspension for future events. Cleanup and/or damage repair fees will be the responsibility of the station. 
  • Interior Banners: if interior banners have been approved by the promoter, please contact venue Marketing Department to make arrangements.